Sunday, August 23, 2009

A great playlist with Norwegian electronica

Surfing the great internet I found this gem: Radio Anders - Det norske hus

It's a playlist with Norwegian electronica. Very groovy! Give Anoras a shout here.


Introducing the shortlists

As I mentioned in the previous post I want to make shorter lists for Northern Exposure and here are my first attempts at that.

The First Northern Exposure Shortlist I have named Ironic Glowsticks. It's the kind of music you could find on the club concept Get Dancy. All the tracks are quite dancy so to speak.

Ironic Glowsticks - Northern Exposure Shortlist vol.1

The second shortlist is a collection of songs to make you sleepy. I've tried this one for sleeping already and it works. Play at low volume.

Bedheaded - Northern Exposure Shortlist vol.2


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts about the future

I've done a major update to the playlist today. You can see all the tracks added on the sidebar under Newest entries. If you want to listen through the whole playlist you now got 10 hours of indie bliss ahead of you. This has got me thinking though.

I will keep on adding music to the Northern Exposure playlist but I will also try to make shorter playlist based on themes, moods maybe every other week or so. I think it will be more interesting and easier for people to relate to shorter playlists than this mammoth.

I want Northern Exposure to evolve. That means a better design, maybe collaborate with other likeminded Nørwegians and foreign vikings.

And most of all I want Google to release Google Wave right now. That tool will make writing in English so much easier:)

Got some thoughts too? Comment please!